November 2018

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Anyway, my boyfriend is rather well off and he offered to pay for butt implants for me. At first I was not sure, but I thought that it might do me good so I had it done. I had to have a few weeks off from London escorts, but my friends at London escorts service that I work for, covered for me. The entire process was a bit embarrassing but I have to say that my butt looks a lot better-rounded than it used to.

My boyfriend has a rather high libido anyway, but these new butt implants really got him going. The only thing is that he only likes doing it doggie style now, or in down dog yoga position. Like I said to my girlfriends at London escorts, it is getting kind of boring to be in the same position all of the time. Some women do not find it easy to have an orgasm in a doggie position, and we are now forever finishing me off with sex toys. I really miss having penetrative orgasms, but my boyfriend only seems to think about himself. Most of my friends at London escorts do know what I mean.

Are we trying to reshape our bodies too much? Some of my friends at London escorts have had a lot of enhancement done to please their partners. I have to admit that I would not have anything else done, because I worry about the future of stuff. Looking at some of the girls at London escorts, it does really make you wonder what they are going to look like when they are a little bit older. The girls who have had face work done are already beginning to look a bit strange.

It is all about feeling good about your body as well. I know that my boyfriend get really turned on by my butt now, and loves rocking against it. Some of the gents that I date at London escorts do compliment me as well and say that I look super sexy you can check my sexy bum on the agency. I do worry about the future of my butt implants. I hope that they will stay in place and not leak at all. Going through the surgery was a bit like hard work and I am not sure that I would like to do it again. I keep on wondering how many women feel like that about surgery that they have had done.…