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Many of us dream about great sex, but very few of us get around to ever having it. Romford escorts from know that great sex does not come easy, but it has to be worked out. Sex and porn is a bit of an art form, and many Romford escorts have picked up tricks as they travel the world.

It is often thought that it is just women who scream when being pleasured, but this is not the case. Men can shout or call out in pleasure, and the trick is getting them to do so. The pleasure principle of sex applies to both men and women, and this is something Romford escorts rely on.

Setting the scene

One of the first things that the main character, Lucinda, quickly learns is that great sex is not all about penetration and blow jobs. It is also about how you touch someone and perhaps even using the right lotions and potions when doing so.

The Perfect Hand Job

Some oils, such as Jojoba oil, can increase blood circulation, and improved circulation means heightened pleasure. One scene in the book describes a man being given a massage by one of the Romford escorts.

The escort places a soft cushion under his lower back and gently massages him using Jojoba oil until he finally comes between her breasts, calling out with pleasure as he does so.

This touches on something significant, the physiology of sex. Raising the lower back will put pressure on nerves, heightening the sensation of an orgasm for a man. Interestingly, the same applies to a woman.

Multiple Orgasms in Women

Women are capable of multiple orgasms. In another scene in the book, the main character Lucinda is on a double date. She is feeling horny and can’t wait until they get back to her flat.

She gets into bed and starts playing with her vibrator until both of her dates have showered and joined her. One of her dates helps to bring her to orgasm with the vibrator. Still not satisfied, she cries out for more until they both help her to satisfaction.

Her regular date knows that Lucinda enjoys multiple orgasms and that they can make her scream. To add to that, he also knows that she has very sensitive nipples, so he asks his companion to play with Lucinda’s nipples while he penetrates her from the side, holding the vibrator against her clitoris. After a few minutes, she screams with satisfaction. This scene highlights the importance of using multiple stimulation points to make a woman scream in bed. Sometimes one kind of pleasure isn’t enough.

The Egyptian Squeeze

Arabian Romford escorts use many tricks to please their male dates, to screaming orgasms. One trick is to use the muscles of the vagina to squeeze the penis. It will instantly put extra pressure on the delicate nerve endings of the penis. It is essential to start with light pressure and gradually let the pressure build up until the man almost feels pain and releases his orgasm in a moment of ultimate pleasure. This little trick can cause both screaming and very heavy, almost gasping breathing.

Of course, many other tricks can make a man or woman scream during sex. Sex is so individual, and it is important to explore each other until you find each other’s pleasure points.


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